Any questions?

Painting by Jill Miller with permission
Painting by Jill Miller with permission

1. What is U3A Cygnet?

U3A Cygnet is a self-funded, voluntary organisation formed in 1991 to provide interesting courses to our retired and semi-retired members.

We are a small and very friendly group. There are no exams, no entry requirements and no limit to the number of courses members may enrol to attend. As we are all volunteers, costs and fees are kept low.

2. When are our classes, what days and times?

There are three terms of ten weeks each year, and the program of courses varies slightly each term. Some courses run for the full year, others run for just one term. Classes are all held in the daytime. Morning sessions are usually from 10.00 am to 12.0 or 12.15, and afternoon sessions from 1.30 pm until 4.00 pm. Morning / afternoon tea or coffee (and biscuits) are available for $1.00. 

See more on our Classes page, and maps on our Contacts page.

3. What sort of classes and activities do we offer?

We have a variety of lectures on topics including music, movies, science, history, literature, and art. We also run a play reading group and two writers' groups, drawing for beginners, and art for continuers. We have an extremely active Garden & Gourmet Group which runs during the spring and autumn terms. Both Book Clubs, a Family History group, and the Men's Forum meet monthly.

Throw in the odd lunch and various activities during the term breaks, our Christmas party, and one or two social outings to assorted places of interest, and you can see why you just have to look at our full range of activities. 

See more on our Classes page.

4. What about visitors?

Visitors are always welcome to our Smorgasbord talks, you don't have to book, just come along, it's a good way of trying us out. We charge $2, and morning tea is $1 for tea or coffee, and a biscuit.

For our other groups, please Contact us and we'll be very happy to give you lots more information and tell you what goes on.

See more on our Classes page.

5. Are there other U3A groups?

There are fifteen U3A groups in Tasmania (at last count), and many more across the rest of Australia, and throughout the World. The U3A Online website provides more information and contact details for U3A groups in Australia and New Zealand. They list all Tasmanian U3A's here.

6. I'm giving a talk, what do I need to know?

If you are giving a talk for us, you need to know where we meet, and what equipment we have. We also need to know a bit about you - see more on our Presenters page.

7. And what about this 'university', and 'third age' thing?

'U3A' in our name stands for 'University of the Third Age'. The idea of the founders of the U3A movement was that U3A's are for retired or semi-retired people (that's the third age) to keep learning new ideas and skills (that's the university). 

Do not be put off by this! We are far from being a stuffy academic organisation, and we are certainly not 'intellectual'. Visitors are always welcome – try us out before passing judgement.